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AIM Advanced Illuminated Marker tablet marking system

Product Number MILTM-18

AIM is the next evolution in marking of routes, areas or objects.

The AIM can give a direction, a safe guidance or mark an area of danger. The AIM tablets come in a variety of colours. They give a clear constant reference point and are highly visible at night, in both overt and covert modes of operation. At normal conditions during the night the AIM is clearly visible at 50 meters.

The AIM tablets are contained in a cartridge which is conveniently mounted within the trigger. When the trigger is depressed it activates the AIM tablet. Illumination times per tablet, 36 hours before the light is extinguished or until you turn it off.

Each cartridge carries 10 tablets. The tablet illumination colour is clearly seen through the side of the cartridge.

Tablets are easily loaded into the cartridge and then it is simply inserted into the trigger.

The trigger has been designed to be lightweight and easy to use, just squeeze the trigger to eject an illuminated tablet.

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10-unit cartridge that dispenses micro tablets with 360° of illumination
Same colours as the Cyalume™ including infrared (IR)
Compatible for use with the latest generation of NVG equipment Works in temperatures below -20C
Self-activating and can be dispensed using one hand
Usable light output will last up to 24 hours
Can be turned off and reused
Only 5% of the size of a 6-inch lightstick
Uses very little plastic, no packaging and no chemicals
Offered in a flash mode
Self-adhesive so can be attached to any surface
Inexpensive compared to other forms of chemical light or LED illumination
Has full NSN
Works underwater once activated
No expiry date
True colours
Comes with a variety of attachments to meet tactical requirements
Very small, covert and unobtrusive
Manufactured in the UK in an ISO 9001 approved facility
Patented technology and design