Improving Safety

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LGI’s Waysafe is an excellent tool within Crisis / Disaster / High Risk / Security / Forensic Management
Situations which ultimately improves performance and capability. LGI’s aim has been from an innovative footing and introduced from an
integration / Systems of Systems approach offering up an all new unique perspective. Waysafe has closed down gaps without a doubt, and has been
introduced as a result of a risk assessment / lessons learnt reporting.

Typical products used

Waysafe Series II
Battery WaysafeSeries II

Self contained, rechargeable with long illumination times.

110v Waysafe
110v Waysafe

Continuous illumination, light weight, plug in and use.

110v Battery Backup Waysafe
110v Battery Backup Waysafe

For use where no generated power is available immediately, up to 15 hour battery backup.

Power Pack Waysafe
Power pack Waysafe

Totally self contained power pack with internal battery chargers and plug in illumination material.

Battery Flood Light
Battery Flood / Work Light

This model is mounted on a carry frame for ease of use. The light output is 1000 lumen and we offer two run times: 10 hours and 15 hours both on full brightness.

110/240v Flood Lighting
110/240v Flood / Work Light

As its name implies either power input can be used. Light output 1000 lumen.

LGI Nightjar

This is the battery flood light at either illumination time combined with a high quality metal tripod. This enables the user to use as a hand lamp or mounted high on the tripod to illuminate an area.

12v and 24 Lights
Low voltage InputsLGi

We also offer 12v and 24v input models of the above lamp.

LGi improving safety

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