Improving Safety

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Safe passage Engineering. The most cost effective, cost efficient and visibly effective way of marking safe
routes and areas of danger. The UK designed and built product offers the flexibility you require to undertake your task. Greater
clarity, directional and range definition leading to increased mobility.

Typical products used

Waysafe Series II

Self contained, rechargeable with long illumination times.

110v Waysafe
NVG Fireworm

Overt/cover illumination system.

110v Battery Backup Waysafe

AA Battery powered illumination system for short gap marking.

Power Pack Waysafe
Power pack Fireworm

Totally self contained power pack with internal battery chargers and plug in illumination material.

Waysafe Series II
NVG Fireworm Kit

Self contained, system kit.

110v Waysafe
T.I.M.S Kit

T.I.M.S packed in carry case.

LGi improving safety

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