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LGi launch their new Illuminated B.A. guide Line

Linear Guidance Illumination has been the manufacturer at the forefront of illuminated marking systems for the Military and Emergency services for the last fifteen years. Our Safe Passage engineering products lead the world in portable powered illuminated marking systems.

Following feedback from our customers who have continually asked for some form of directional indication, we looked at our standard Waysafe product to see if this was possible; this was achieved and the Waysafe series two was launched at last year’s Emergency Services Show with great effect.

With the success of the series two directional Waysafe product across many market sectors we were again asked if we could build a guide line which offered the same capability as the current B.A. Line.

LGI is now pleased to announce the launch of the Illuminated Guide Line. This 60m unit is contained within its own bag which can be worn by the user; the cable can be pulled from the bag and tied off as usual. The illuminated line is fitted with indicators which are fixed on the cable, so in the very rare situation where power to the cable was lost, the user could simply follow the cable using the same system that is currently in operation.