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Diving at night or in dark water situations can be a hazardous endeavour - to eliminate this situation LGI have developed the Firesub. This easy to use product has utility in a number of underwater situations were normal marking systems would not benefit the diver.

The Firesub can be taken to a depth of 50 metres before the illumination material is paid out. All the controls are fitted to the Firesub so it is totally independent of the dive vessel. Firesub runs on its own internal batteries and a 50 metre illumination length will run for 30 hours before recharging is required. An illuminated battery condition monitor is also fitted to offer the diver the comfort of knowing the status of the batteries. Should the condition monitor be out of sight of the diver the cable will also flash when the battery is getting close to its shutdown phase.

The Firesub system’s cable is only 5mm in diameter. The cable emits a brilliant Blue/Green light along its entire length. This colour is highly visible in dark conditions and provides the safety and comfort factors inherent in a clear, constant reference point. In summary some of the benefits of the Firesub system are: flexible light source, low running cost, battery powered.

A covert version of the Firesub is available, please contact LGI for more information.

Each system comes complete with its own:

• Pegging System
• Battery Charger
• Repair Kit
• Instruction Manual
• Waterproof Carry Case

The Firesub is available in 50metre, 100metre and 300metre lengths.

Typical users of Firesub include but are not limited to:

• Search & Rescue Teams
• Military Diving Units
• Police Diving Units
• Salvage Companies

For further information on this product, please contact LGI.


Please see video of Firesub in operation